SEO – starts and ends with a keyword

Search engine optimisation is one of the key factors to what keeps the competitive nature of Google going. When it comes to optimising the website to suit the search engines, it comes down to the way keywords are used.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are terms that are generally used by users browsing SERPs (search engine results pages). Depending on the keyword or keyword phrase, the SERP will show the result that best matches the phrases or words used.

So How Do We Find Keywords?

Keywords are generated around industries, services, locations and what a user might type into the search bar at the time of searching.

These are strategies in place to analyse your keyword data to assist with on page optimisation pushing your website naturally up the ranks of Google around the desired keyword.

Look into user language and search terms:

The person who best knows about your market would be you. Rather than relying on what a third person has to say, put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think what will be the best keyword for your content. Once you have determined the keywords that you believe general users will search for a professional keyword analysis can be performed to test words and phrases against your industry and your content.

Work with Google Analytics:

Google Analytics tracks traffic, status, high peak times and days and can give you information on page stats and bounce rates. These results can be increased by changing up the content using keywords that relate to your business and your industry in order to attract a relevant client.

What to know about SEO?

There are a couple of things that you should know in order to achieve maximum results from your SEO. Here are the most important ones.

Content – CONTENT IS KING! Boring, bland content that does not engage users isn’t going to attract the attention of your website visitors – resulting in high bounce rates and minimal conversation. Working with a content marketing professional in your local area can help you to construct engaging content relevant to your industry and your website.

Web logs analysis – TRANSPARENT MONTHLY REPORTS! Speakn provide all clients monthly reports to track their SEO activity, keyword analysis and website status. By providing transparent information, we believe it is providing a transparent transcript into how your site is performing. If results aren’t being achieved you can work with a consultant like Speakn to develop a strategy to increase your sales and visitors.

Why Choose Us?

Speakn works with businesses in Nowra and the greater areas to provide quality SEO services. We stress that it is important that you commit to your strategy for a few months to achieve the best results. It is no easy task achieve top results on SERPs and it will take constant work to bring in a good acceptable flow of traffic; that involves patience and time. This is where we come in. Speaking your language, Speakn is fully equipped with SEO resources for clients looking to achieve results.

Optimise your website with the right keywords!