What’s in a call to action?

What is the point of social media and the effort that goes into it if you aren’t asking the customer to take action on your post? YES we agree that social media can be about pretty pictures but ultimately as business owners there is a goal – it is to market your business, create a buzz online, further your brand reach, make sales, raise awareness OR all of these things!

Making your followers engage and DO SOMETHING is the goal – that is why using a Call To Action (CTA) is so important!

“Click here”

“Double tap if you want this burger”

“Tap picture to shop these products”

“Heart if this is you”

It is more than a click – it is an action from your followers. A better call to action will help you achieve your goals and drive traffic from social media to your website.

Here are some tips and tricks for creating better CTA’s for your social media posts!


Preparation is key! After all a CTA doesn’t just popup out of the blue without a reason for it! Don’t overthink the Call To Action, make it obvious, easy to action, understand and follow. i.e. Tap picture to Shop!


Ask and you shall receive – Make it BOLD and tell them what you want them to do! No point building a launch strategy for a new clothing drop and then leaving it to chance that they will shop. Ask your fans and followers to “BUY THIS SHIRT NOW”; “Limited edition dress now for sale”; “Sign up for exclusive discounts and offers”.


Social media posts can have a deadline and creating urgency works well for the medium. “Shop Now – don’t miss out” – adding the limited edition or sense of urgency before the buy request lets your customers know they have limited time or limited opportunity to take up this opportunity!


Social Media is a visual platform and using high quality images with people and product helps the customer put themselves in the picture – using the product and engaging with the brand! Yes pictures of drool worthy cocktails, views of beaches and smoothie bowls work too BUT engaging the customer, showing them that the brand is a peoples brand helps them to engage in the CTA!

A quick guide to better call to actions and some basic tips to help you along your social media journey! At Speakn we are all about working with brands to get better exposure online through digital marketing strategies. Why not contact us to see how we can help you too!